Another one… God why

The news is a constant reminder of all that is wrong in this world and all that requires Prayer and God’s divine intervention. Mothers losing their children, children losing parents, people losing their lives because of ignorance, selfishness and just straight up inequality of races.

We all come from the earth and to the earth we shall return, meaning my skin color should NOT influence how you treat meā€¦God bless all of the ones taken too soon by Police brutality. They are committed to protect and serve and clearly we are filling some of their minds with improper mindsets that lead to this excessive abuse of their power. I pray for those Good cops to keep on doing Good. Because we Need you. I also pray for those who have been corrupted to harbor hate or disdain for people whom differ from you, may God bring you clarity and help you see the error of your ways.

To the families of every single person killed by these outrageous acts, May God have mercy and bring you peace, but also give you strength to rise and be Bold and fight the good fight for Equality, for Peace, for Love. We need more Love, peace and more of God. Less hate. More understanding.

We should not live in Fear of one another, but rather help one another. Friends stay safe, stay strong. Peace be with you.

The mere fact that people are not more outraged by these recent deaths frightens me to my core. People have become so disassociated from one another that we cannot feel true empathy for others..we cannot connect like we need to with others around us. That is the fact that is frightening, we Long for connection, but fail to make true connections. We need to wake up! We need to see the error of our ways and fix the path were on.

Prayer and action is needed. We need faith, we need hope. We need Love. We need God. Nothing and no one can defeat the power of God. The power of Love. The unbelievable power of a deep connection! We need to do better, for our sons. Our daughters. For ourselves.


Dear new decade,

Let’s have a little chat, you already come loaded with ridiculous challenges to our character, our finances, and our souls.

2019 kicked our butts into gear, it really did. We need to readjust certain things make some changes. We are hopeful and grateful for all the lessons learned. Hurt and hit hard by illness stricking literally on Christmas day, but hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.

One thing we did grow was our family closeness and our togetherness. We long to be home with our loved ones more than ever before. We long for connection like never before. In 2020 we hope to continue to grow and expand on that and develop further.

I hope to become a righteous and admirable leader, I want to level up spiritually and connect with the almighty Creator better than ever. Unlike anything I have done before, I desire to move musically and grow. I was called for something more, and I will pursue that more in 2020.

My kids are my world and I pray that I get to enjoy and cherish every moment. Forgetting the stresses and moving ahead.

On a personal self love level, I went back into nutrition that I need to follow and I am hopeful that this time I will reach successes I have never reached for my health.

Praying you all have a fantastic year.

Let’s make this year count, something for the books and memory banks to be filled with.

Much love


To the Parents of Young people everywhere

Dear Mom & Dads of the Young people,

I come to you with a pleading heart, I am a youth leader – with barely any youth to lead. I started this journey 2 years ago. With an immense burning desire to reach out to our Young people. To connect and build a safe space for them to come together.

I have asked week after week, for your help to bring them. To encourage them to come. To be on them and push them, but our efforts have failed.

I LOVE your young people, i see their successes and I rejoice, i see their anxious faces and pray to have the Lord calm them. But also want to lend an encouraging word to help them. I desire to work with them and help them on their journey, but I do not get to see them.

I have tried to think of ideas and challenges and things to do, but without your help my efforts are fruitless.

Help me to reach them, bring them I promise to care for them as my own, but to inspire them to be good people. To share the goodness they know and have them lead by example.

Help me to lead them to their full potential. I know they are the key to the Kingdom of God growth, yet they appear inaccessible.

Lord, reach the parents, touch the hearts, lead them to bring their young people to the house of God, where they will be safe and learn about His goodness. And Help me to refresh that passion and fire for leadership and give me the kindness and wisdom required to work with young people.

In Jesus name. I declare it, i receive it.and I believe the new wave is here. New fire.