Journey week 1

“The Journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step” or something like that…

Well right before the strike of midnight in a Nutritionist office somewhere in central CT, I took the first step to a changed me. A healthier me. I didn’t want some b.s. resolutions I wanted real change, supervised, encouraged, supported change.

Its been years since I last recognized the shape in the mirror. I have become a wife, a mother, a caretaker, and with that came stress, and time management issues, and eating the wrong things because they were convenient. I also became allergic to certain things, and it sent me into a spiral of frustration and desperation.

This was the final year, 2019, I will not end this 2020 the same. Not because I wanna look good for others standards, but because I want to feel good in my own skin. Yes, the biggest challenge is my own self confidence, but knowing I put a dent in week 1 to a new improved me, is amazingly encouraging.

Week 1 down, nearly 4 pounds lost. Every pound matters. Every inch significant. Every step forward even when life throws curves at me, are steps in the right direction.

I don’t know what your goals are, but you Can do them. You can achieve them. You can make them reality, not because I say so, but simply because you and I are the same. People who love life, have dreams and hope for a better tomorrow, for ourselves and our families. So get up. Get moving, make it happen. Take back your life. You got this.

I pray for all who read this. All who wish they could start again. You can, make it today. Dont look back, extend forward and know that you were created for so much more. I pray you see successes but also that you see you are worthy and are more than sometimes we give.ourselves credit for. Good luck on your journey xoxo