This is my 9th Mother’s day, this is my 3rd as a mom of 2. This is a job I always dreamed of having, I had no idea the whirlwind craziness that would ensue. Being a mom is something I now realize isn’t in the cards for everyone by choice or by fate, that is OK. I have friends who swore they never wanted kids, and it did sound odd to me ar first, but sometimes you gotta know a little more to understand, there is always a reason behind it. Either way your choice is your choice, I chose this path.

This is a path definitely not for the faint of heart. This is a constant land of Joy, sadness. Bliss, and worry. Chaos and perfection. You bring forth tiny people who are their own entire person, and you watch them grow and evolve into humans who join this world and make an impact of some sort. I can surely attest the mom I was 9 years ago, is not the mom I am today. Kids teach you about yourself, about life, about priorities. I know a baby, toddler or young child can be the mirror of reflection you’ve been hiding from your whole life. It is also the one mirror that really hits home and brings you to become inspired to Be better. Do better. Find better. I finished my Bachelor’s degree the summer my 1st was born. When my 2nd was nearing birth I made changes at work to set myself up for growth. We’ve started a business, done countless job changes. Shift changes. All for the betterment of our lives with our kids at the heart of that.

With that said, it doesn’t mean my kids get all they want, when they want. We just want to ensure they lack for nothing as long as we can possibly do so, and allowing ourselves to live moderately. These kids can be brats and annoying and irritating but at the end of the day, it is my duty to teach them right from wrong. Greed is not ok, kindness is a must. Love always, peace, serenity, finding your passion and chasing it while not intentionally hurting people. Life is a balance and motherhood becomes a juggling act, but Gosh it is the most beautiful juggle. Some days I wont lie, all the balls drop and I just wanna curl up and cry, but other days life is a song and everything in it harmonizes a beautiful perfect melody. Life, love, finding God, becoming a mother all teach you so much about yourself. It is a college of self reflection. Sometimes you are proud, sometimes you feel a failure.

No matter where you find yourself in the journey. Know you are a kick ass mom, as long as you are Loving and caring and trying these kids know you are the safe haven that won’t ever leave them or hurt them so for that they think you walk on water. My girls are the constant reinforcement that I am doing ok, they randomly hug me. Kiss me and sometimes that tiny I love you mami, hits more deeply when I feel inadequacies in what I am doing. So you got this mamas. Keep your chin up. Hug those babies and know you have a hand in changing this world by sending out kind loving soldiers into it. Blessings to all who read this, to the beautiful moms and the awesome dads who either do this journey hand in hand or kick ass in coparenting. It takes a village. I pray you have a great one. Xoxoxo

Can we make a pact?

Alright. Here goes nothing…

Let us all repeat after me… I will not allow myself to come out of Quarantine a broken person, worse than I started, or less motivated than ever. This time has been a gift to reset, reboot, and rekindle some passions of ours, talents, unearth new capabilities we held deep within.

We should not come out of this bitter or upset. The time away at home was a time we will never again see, God willing, in our lifetimes again. This time is unique to us in an era where creating content, art, media is so accessible, we literally could create and or do just about anything from the comfort of our homes. So much so that an incredible Kindness movement is taking place via Social Media and it is becoming a reality in our Actual non-virtual world.

So let’s do it. Let’s make a pact that once this is all over. We will continue to be or strive to be the people with passion. Purpose. Motivation..focus that we were in quarantine. I know it has its ups and downs. But I promise it will all work out in the end.

Busy busy week

This week started with birthdays last week, then my niece turned 2 yesterday. We sang happy birthday via video chat. It felt weird but so wonderful to see my family. Then today my baby brother turns 16!!! Amazing right. We’ll he got his biggest birthday wish. A Birthday Twin. We welcomed my newest niece just a few minutes ago!!! She’s perfect

God bless us everyone. Life doesn’t stop because we are in quarantine. It becomes infinitely more interesting in how we channel the remarkable joys of Love. Life and family.

Hope you are staying safe. God bless!!!

Siblings day!!

It is National Sibling day y’all. Can I just share how much I love this group of people. I mean they are everything!!! My first best friends. My confidants. My walls of reflection. My inspiration. My motivation. They are remarkable people. Beautiful people inside and out. Amazing friends, sons. Daughters, moms and dad, uncles and aunts. I am blessed to be their oldest sister, but really I am blessed to have every single one of them. I love you all for the incredible human beings you are and for the amazing souls that will forever be bonded to mine. Xoxo happy siblings day!!!

Passing time

Tiktoks galore and goofy sessions..these 2 are a riot and dad loves to rile them.up. Praying for everyone to remain healthy and safe. Thank you to all the front line people in hospitals, the service people offering groceries and deliveries around to all. The mailpeople, everyone who is deemed essential and leaves home daily to help support the community at large. Stay positive. Stay safe. Stay home if you can. #covid19 #quarantine2020

If you’re UNhappy go ahead post it… *NOT*

Guys…PSA… plain and simple, if you are Unhappy with where your life is going, YOU are in control of the choices and decisions that have led you there… or will get you Out. I mean we all have a Vent moment where we put out in the world things to be validated that we are not crazy… bit every single moment of every day we shouldn’t #fakehappiness i mean really, there should be things, people, events, happenings that bring some sort of Joy into our lives… if not friend, please Evaluate your life and Find your joy. It isn’t just a “catchphrase” we use to tidy up our homes. It is a true statement for our soul… finding our Joy means finding the center and developing our happiness from that. So Please do not go on a rant every day, internalize and get better. I’ll pray for you… that you find Joy. Everyone deserves Joy.

To the women who “claim” men only to destroy them…

This is but one side of the coin, as Men surely use and abuse women too…

This however is a message to my fellow ladies… those who are quick to lockdown a guy with Zero interest in his person. The women who sweet talk a guy only to use him up and move on to the next, meanwhile these men become consumed by all these women are…

I have met several men, along with several of their respective at one point or current partners, and it is just mind boggling to me how women can be so conniving and manupulative to someone they claim they Love or Loved in the past. I come in peace with one request…

Next time you find your new catch, that you will wildly consume and use up to their last drop of energy and last penny, think of this… what if this young man was your Brother? Your son? Your nephew? Your cousin? Would you be proud of how someone else would treat them as YOU would? Because I see here women setting awful patterns of what a Good relationship is not just for their Sons but also for their daughters, to be conniving and abusive partners. Being in a one sided relationship which everything works for Your benefit only, ladies, is not a true relationship. There is no more rewarding relationship than that which we each give 100% each. Using them up to just keep them dangling is not ok, using your kids to harm and hurt them is also not ok, using the kids to manipulate situations to your favor is not ok. Anything short of Actually Loving and wanting to be with a Person, is NOT ok.

I speak on this because I have met several Great guys. No not perfect, but they have been decent, upstanding guys, working guys who love their kids, who fight every day to make moves to better their kids Futures, be belittled, manipulated and just straight up struck down by bitter cold hearted women. For any of these men, I can’t fathom what they felt was “good” in these relationships, they’ve been given a false sense of security and I feel for them, simply because they fell for the rouse… my heart breaks for them

They opened their hearts up to try and find love that reciprocates and instead found the pits on hell in a womans heart.

Men can do things just as wrong, but we’ve grown to expect less emotional connection with men so their selfish actions are “justified”, women however are the nurturing sex, and yet can be the most detrimental force we can encounter when they Don’t love but Use and Manipulate.

So I implore you, ladies, think before you hurt him, before you use him, before you wreck him beyond anyone else’s love could possibly repair. Think, leave and let them be. Do not use kids as weapons of destruction, but rather love and let go. Or simply Let go in some cases where love never was. Remembering our beloved men in our lives, would you like You to be a part of their lives? Would you like meeting you? If not change the course… make it happen now.