Surviving 2020

We started this thing called 2020 with so much hope and excitement. As each week progresses it is evident what we hoped for and what IS are 2 very different things.

Reality being this year has short of kicked our asses. Business is slow, sickness has struck, everything is a mess. Nothings smooth or easy, nothings flowing naturally. Everything feels like a chore, a big busy to do list that never ends.

Covid 19 was that extra bullet this year needed to beat us into submission. We still yearn and hope for better things, because faith has stayed strong, but sone days when exhaustion kicks in, its hard to see or hope for what is ahead.

I hope you are all coping and feeling better than all this, i pray you remain healthy and steadfast on your goals for 2020. We can still make it happen. I believe in us all

Not your business…

It is not, I repeat, not your business what people think. They can formulate their opinions, their likes and dislikes just as you and I are slso free to do. Just because you can inquire on people’s opinions, doesn’t mean it is any of our business. It is ok to Care what people think, it is not ok to let that control you. Do not waiver your happiness or finding your true self, because of others’ thoughts on the matter. God created you, in His perfect image. So do not let an imperfect being, degrade, or devalue that which God has stated has immense immeasurable value. Honey, it is not your business, so let it go…

My old man…

July 26th, my grandfather passed on to be with the Lord.

This brought bitter sweet memories.

Remembering the final days where he no longer remembered us.

Remembering the days long before he got ill. Remembering the funny stories and his cackling belly laugh that will forever resonate in my mind.

Most of all… it brought deep sadness that my grandma parted ways with the man she shared over 55years with.

My mom lost her dad whom she loved so much

My uncles and aunts lost a brother.

My daughter experienced her first sense of loss from a loved one. She was far too little when my dad’s mom passed years ago. It is unlike anything else when you have to share news to your child. And you see their heart break before your eyes.

My hearts been through a roller coaster of emotions, I cannot begin to imagine my poor mom, or my grandma.

So for today think happy thoughts. Send happy thoughts. Think of us for a little while.