Can we make a pact?

Alright. Here goes nothing…

Let us all repeat after me… I will not allow myself to come out of Quarantine a broken person, worse than I started, or less motivated than ever. This time has been a gift to reset, reboot, and rekindle some passions of ours, talents, unearth new capabilities we held deep within.

We should not come out of this bitter or upset. The time away at home was a time we will never again see, God willing, in our lifetimes again. This time is unique to us in an era where creating content, art, media is so accessible, we literally could create and or do just about anything from the comfort of our homes. So much so that an incredible Kindness movement is taking place via Social Media and it is becoming a reality in our Actual non-virtual world.

So let’s do it. Let’s make a pact that once this is all over. We will continue to be or strive to be the people with passion. Purpose. Motivation..focus that we were in quarantine. I know it has its ups and downs. But I promise it will all work out in the end.

And…there goes another one

Anyone else feel like this year has been a giant blur. Seriously nothing good has come of it as of yet.

January we started w consolidating debt and chemo treatments for a loved one.

February was just settling out more things and just playing catch up still with Holidays.

March was a blur of dates, closures and the. Baby turned 2 but we couldn’t do anything or go anywhere. And then Bam its April.

I think the April fool’s joke is this covid19 and the quarantine that wont end anytime soon.

I love being home, blessed enough to still be paid, but this is crazy. Can a Girl get a cup of coffee or salad and be able to enjoy it in peace. Lol. Grateful for our health and grateful we are safe thus far. But man could I use a good chiropractor visit, 2hr massage and 4hr nap without hearing yelling babies in the background. Just saying mama needs some Me time. I am running on an empty tank here.

Hubby works in healthcare Hospital, meaning he continues to withdraw the Little adult human interaction day by day for fear of bringing anything to us. But my tank is running low and I am nearing breaking or so it feels like. Some days I feel refreshed. This is not one…

Hope you can remain hopeful, happy, safe, healthy throughout this. Remember the many blessings and stay the course. While our journeys may vary to some degree we are All in this together.

Mental Space…

Hello, hope this post finds you well. Healthy, happy, safe, surrounded by loved ones. May you be financially stable and blessed by all measures.

I don’t know about you, but this Covid is kicking my butt…I have been home now for 11 consecutive days, and I gotta tell you my brain is wearing thin, my patience is low. I am beginning to feel helpless. My mind is not ok, and It is reflecting itselt outwards towards my family. I don’t like it, but I also literally cannot help it. I go from happy to snapping at everything in 2 seconds. Anyone wrestling with this lack of Personal Mental space?

Everywhere I turn there is someone. Husband or kids. Someone wants or needs something at all times it feels like. I barely get any time to myself and I am mentally drained unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life.

I will seek resources from work this week, I am not working due to High Risk conditions and thankfully work for a company that is paying for this. I feel unproductive and it is affecting me in all senses of my being. I am a woman of Faith so prayers are lifted daily multiple times, but In human land, I am struggling. I am annoyed to the point where I don’t desire to connect with anyone. I want to retreat and be alone. With several weeks ahead, I fear this will progressively get worse.

If you have felt or are feeling this way. What have you done? I tried telling my husband and he looked at me like I had 3 heads. He is working reluctantly but he gets out. He can drive alone and have his own time. Even at home. He plays video games and enjoys his own personal space without being interrupted… meanwhile I just want to cry.

Anyone got tips? Words? Something? A girl could use any words. Thanks.

Stay strong friends. Stay safe. We are all in this together. And if were All alone. Were together in that too.

Surviving 2020

We started this thing called 2020 with so much hope and excitement. As each week progresses it is evident what we hoped for and what IS are 2 very different things.

Reality being this year has short of kicked our asses. Business is slow, sickness has struck, everything is a mess. Nothings smooth or easy, nothings flowing naturally. Everything feels like a chore, a big busy to do list that never ends.

Covid 19 was that extra bullet this year needed to beat us into submission. We still yearn and hope for better things, because faith has stayed strong, but sone days when exhaustion kicks in, its hard to see or hope for what is ahead.

I hope you are all coping and feeling better than all this, i pray you remain healthy and steadfast on your goals for 2020. We can still make it happen. I believe in us all

World post intro of Covid19

How are you coping? Are you in a highly affected area? What are your kids up to?

We are home day like 400000 it feels like. Kids are good. Adjusting just fine. Husband still had to work hospital employee, my jobs open but I am on leave due to health risks. We are adjusting day by day. Schools are up in the air closed til end of April. We are stir crazy sometimes. Hopeful for better days. Staying home to prevent the spread.

Annoyed some people still act like it is a joke. It isn’t a joke to us. Exposed due to work, protecting ourselves. Our kids and our extended elderly family and health risk family. Just praying and hoping each day we get closer to what will be the new normal.

Good luck to you all. Share how you’re killing time

Love to hear happy fun news. Joined tiktok thanks to my almost 10yr old. Enjoying seeing people even if from afar.

Yesterday we took a drive… it was nice to get out.

Stay safe friends. Xoxo

If you’re UNhappy go ahead post it… *NOT*

Guys…PSA… plain and simple, if you are Unhappy with where your life is going, YOU are in control of the choices and decisions that have led you there… or will get you Out. I mean we all have a Vent moment where we put out in the world things to be validated that we are not crazy… bit every single moment of every day we shouldn’t #fakehappiness i mean really, there should be things, people, events, happenings that bring some sort of Joy into our lives… if not friend, please Evaluate your life and Find your joy. It isn’t just a “catchphrase” we use to tidy up our homes. It is a true statement for our soul… finding our Joy means finding the center and developing our happiness from that. So Please do not go on a rant every day, internalize and get better. I’ll pray for you… that you find Joy. Everyone deserves Joy.

Not your business…

It is not, I repeat, not your business what people think. They can formulate their opinions, their likes and dislikes just as you and I are slso free to do. Just because you can inquire on people’s opinions, doesn’t mean it is any of our business. It is ok to Care what people think, it is not ok to let that control you. Do not waiver your happiness or finding your true self, because of others’ thoughts on the matter. God created you, in His perfect image. So do not let an imperfect being, degrade, or devalue that which God has stated has immense immeasurable value. Honey, it is not your business, so let it go…