Social distancing work and Life

Today’s an odd day I “left” work early only to find myself getting a call that my Mom in Law was not feeling well…

To the point medical intervention would be needed. It was like my day was meant to be short to help deal with some of this added stress and anxiety. As Covid rampages through our state, that means hospitals are cracked down on visitor policies. So she was taken Alone to the hospital. It has been hours and were still awaiting news.

Social distancing the newest hot topic among many annoying topics for those who cannot comprehend that this virus can be fatal for so many. Seemingly healthy people are very ill and some are dying. My mom in law is not only elderly. She is recovering from Chemo. She is battling a host of other things amongst the fact she lives with a pacemaker. She is the bearer of life for my husband. She is the light in my daughters eyes…and we are helpless to know anything.

Hold your loved ones close, stay home if you can. Stay safe. You dont know what will come of this, but the last thing you need is regrets for exposing and putting someone you love at risk. We’ve taken all the precautions and this is unrelated to covid, but now she is in the epicenter of the worst cases of it while trying to be treated for something else.

All we’ve got is prayers and hope that everyone is doing their job to the best of their ability and then some. To help keep her safe from getting anything else. And to help her get better.

Rejoined the Workforce

Covid-19 is kicking our asses here in CT. We’ve been quarantined for weeks and it continues to grow. I was out of work for 2 weeks, due to high risk. They did extend the leave for me automatically however growing stir crazy, I asked again if they’d allow me to work from home. Finally they said yes. So yesterday I went back into my office building which generally houses 700 people yesterday it held but a few dozen people. My team was half gone. The rest leaving yesterday to work from home too. I am grateful for having a job that covered me and paid me while adjusting this. Making changes to our process on the fly. Banking is no joke friends we literally never shut down and this covid kicked us into gear.

Good luck to you all. Blessings

Mental Space…

Hello, hope this post finds you well. Healthy, happy, safe, surrounded by loved ones. May you be financially stable and blessed by all measures.

I don’t know about you, but this Covid is kicking my butt…I have been home now for 11 consecutive days, and I gotta tell you my brain is wearing thin, my patience is low. I am beginning to feel helpless. My mind is not ok, and It is reflecting itselt outwards towards my family. I don’t like it, but I also literally cannot help it. I go from happy to snapping at everything in 2 seconds. Anyone wrestling with this lack of Personal Mental space?

Everywhere I turn there is someone. Husband or kids. Someone wants or needs something at all times it feels like. I barely get any time to myself and I am mentally drained unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life.

I will seek resources from work this week, I am not working due to High Risk conditions and thankfully work for a company that is paying for this. I feel unproductive and it is affecting me in all senses of my being. I am a woman of Faith so prayers are lifted daily multiple times, but In human land, I am struggling. I am annoyed to the point where I don’t desire to connect with anyone. I want to retreat and be alone. With several weeks ahead, I fear this will progressively get worse.

If you have felt or are feeling this way. What have you done? I tried telling my husband and he looked at me like I had 3 heads. He is working reluctantly but he gets out. He can drive alone and have his own time. Even at home. He plays video games and enjoys his own personal space without being interrupted… meanwhile I just want to cry.

Anyone got tips? Words? Something? A girl could use any words. Thanks.

Stay strong friends. Stay safe. We are all in this together. And if were All alone. Were together in that too.

World post intro of Covid19

How are you coping? Are you in a highly affected area? What are your kids up to?

We are home day like 400000 it feels like. Kids are good. Adjusting just fine. Husband still had to work hospital employee, my jobs open but I am on leave due to health risks. We are adjusting day by day. Schools are up in the air closed til end of April. We are stir crazy sometimes. Hopeful for better days. Staying home to prevent the spread.

Annoyed some people still act like it is a joke. It isn’t a joke to us. Exposed due to work, protecting ourselves. Our kids and our extended elderly family and health risk family. Just praying and hoping each day we get closer to what will be the new normal.

Good luck to you all. Share how you’re killing time

Love to hear happy fun news. Joined tiktok thanks to my almost 10yr old. Enjoying seeing people even if from afar.

Yesterday we took a drive… it was nice to get out.

Stay safe friends. Xoxo


Dear new decade,

Let’s have a little chat, you already come loaded with ridiculous challenges to our character, our finances, and our souls.

2019 kicked our butts into gear, it really did. We need to readjust certain things make some changes. We are hopeful and grateful for all the lessons learned. Hurt and hit hard by illness stricking literally on Christmas day, but hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.

One thing we did grow was our family closeness and our togetherness. We long to be home with our loved ones more than ever before. We long for connection like never before. In 2020 we hope to continue to grow and expand on that and develop further.

I hope to become a righteous and admirable leader, I want to level up spiritually and connect with the almighty Creator better than ever. Unlike anything I have done before, I desire to move musically and grow. I was called for something more, and I will pursue that more in 2020.

My kids are my world and I pray that I get to enjoy and cherish every moment. Forgetting the stresses and moving ahead.

On a personal self love level, I went back into nutrition that I need to follow and I am hopeful that this time I will reach successes I have never reached for my health.

Praying you all have a fantastic year.

Let’s make this year count, something for the books and memory banks to be filled with.

Much love


Simple Lesson

Something that you should all remember, people only share the Great moments. However it’s all the stuff in between that makes them worthwhile.

They aren’t perfect and you aren’t worse off. So do not compare yourself on a bad day to someone’s great day, they easily could’ve been where you are just yesterday but did not share that bit of information.

Living every day with gratitude is the best way to ensure even on the challenging days, we find good.

Xoxo friends. Stay awesome.

My old man…

July 26th, my grandfather passed on to be with the Lord.

This brought bitter sweet memories.

Remembering the final days where he no longer remembered us.

Remembering the days long before he got ill. Remembering the funny stories and his cackling belly laugh that will forever resonate in my mind.

Most of all… it brought deep sadness that my grandma parted ways with the man she shared over 55years with.

My mom lost her dad whom she loved so much

My uncles and aunts lost a brother.

My daughter experienced her first sense of loss from a loved one. She was far too little when my dad’s mom passed years ago. It is unlike anything else when you have to share news to your child. And you see their heart break before your eyes.

My hearts been through a roller coaster of emotions, I cannot begin to imagine my poor mom, or my grandma.

So for today think happy thoughts. Send happy thoughts. Think of us for a little while.