This is my 9th Mother’s day, this is my 3rd as a mom of 2. This is a job I always dreamed of having, I had no idea the whirlwind craziness that would ensue. Being a mom is something I now realize isn’t in the cards for everyone by choice or by fate, that is OK. I have friends who swore they never wanted kids, and it did sound odd to me ar first, but sometimes you gotta know a little more to understand, there is always a reason behind it. Either way your choice is your choice, I chose this path.

This is a path definitely not for the faint of heart. This is a constant land of Joy, sadness. Bliss, and worry. Chaos and perfection. You bring forth tiny people who are their own entire person, and you watch them grow and evolve into humans who join this world and make an impact of some sort. I can surely attest the mom I was 9 years ago, is not the mom I am today. Kids teach you about yourself, about life, about priorities. I know a baby, toddler or young child can be the mirror of reflection you’ve been hiding from your whole life. It is also the one mirror that really hits home and brings you to become inspired to Be better. Do better. Find better. I finished my Bachelor’s degree the summer my 1st was born. When my 2nd was nearing birth I made changes at work to set myself up for growth. We’ve started a business, done countless job changes. Shift changes. All for the betterment of our lives with our kids at the heart of that.

With that said, it doesn’t mean my kids get all they want, when they want. We just want to ensure they lack for nothing as long as we can possibly do so, and allowing ourselves to live moderately. These kids can be brats and annoying and irritating but at the end of the day, it is my duty to teach them right from wrong. Greed is not ok, kindness is a must. Love always, peace, serenity, finding your passion and chasing it while not intentionally hurting people. Life is a balance and motherhood becomes a juggling act, but Gosh it is the most beautiful juggle. Some days I wont lie, all the balls drop and I just wanna curl up and cry, but other days life is a song and everything in it harmonizes a beautiful perfect melody. Life, love, finding God, becoming a mother all teach you so much about yourself. It is a college of self reflection. Sometimes you are proud, sometimes you feel a failure.

No matter where you find yourself in the journey. Know you are a kick ass mom, as long as you are Loving and caring and trying these kids know you are the safe haven that won’t ever leave them or hurt them so for that they think you walk on water. My girls are the constant reinforcement that I am doing ok, they randomly hug me. Kiss me and sometimes that tiny I love you mami, hits more deeply when I feel inadequacies in what I am doing. So you got this mamas. Keep your chin up. Hug those babies and know you have a hand in changing this world by sending out kind loving soldiers into it. Blessings to all who read this, to the beautiful moms and the awesome dads who either do this journey hand in hand or kick ass in coparenting. It takes a village. I pray you have a great one. Xoxoxo

Busy busy week

This week started with birthdays last week, then my niece turned 2 yesterday. We sang happy birthday via video chat. It felt weird but so wonderful to see my family. Then today my baby brother turns 16!!! Amazing right. We’ll he got his biggest birthday wish. A Birthday Twin. We welcomed my newest niece just a few minutes ago!!! She’s perfect

God bless us everyone. Life doesn’t stop because we are in quarantine. It becomes infinitely more interesting in how we channel the remarkable joys of Love. Life and family.

Hope you are staying safe. God bless!!!

Siblings day!!

It is National Sibling day y’all. Can I just share how much I love this group of people. I mean they are everything!!! My first best friends. My confidants. My walls of reflection. My inspiration. My motivation. They are remarkable people. Beautiful people inside and out. Amazing friends, sons. Daughters, moms and dad, uncles and aunts. I am blessed to be their oldest sister, but really I am blessed to have every single one of them. I love you all for the incredible human beings you are and for the amazing souls that will forever be bonded to mine. Xoxo happy siblings day!!!

To our Village… // Para nuestra comunidad

This is a thank you to All the beautiful Women that comprise our Village. The Mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, in laws, friends, coworkers, church sisters, neighbors, and so many other “names” we have for you. You ladies make it all possible, we all do it flawlessly. You are the ones who show up at events and ask to bring something, ask to help serve, ask to help clean, to fold, to watch the baby, to feed babies, to rock sleeping babies. You come and bring gifts, bring hugs and kisses and bring words of love and encouragement. You are the bonds of womanhood woven tightly together, so that if one strand is feeling weak the other strands bind tighter to help keep it together. Thank you for showing up, for being there, for being. May God bless you always with much love, peace, serenity, joy and laughter…so much laughter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…xoxo

Este es un Agradecimiento a todas las mujeres que crean nuestra comunidad cercana. Las Madres, hermanas, tias, primas, amigas, compa├▒eras de trabajo, hermanas de la iglesia, y tantos otros titulos que puedan ser. Ustedes son las que hacen todas estas cosas posibles, y lo hacen con tanta facilidad. Son aquellas que llegan a soportar los eventos, que ofrecen traer algo, que ofrecen limpiar, que ofrecen darle de comer al bebe, o mecer un bebe dormido. Traen sus regalos, traen sus abrazos y besos, traen sus palabras de amor y apoyo. Son los lazos que conectan a toda mujer que son tejidos fuertemente, tanto que cuando una va debilizando las otras enlazan y aprentan mas fuerte para apoyarla. Gracias por llegar, por estar ahi, por su existencia. Que Dios las bendiga con mucho amor, paz, tranquilidad, gozo y muchas risas de felicidad. Gracias de todo coraz├│n. Xoxo