Good ol’ CoronaVirus

Yes. It is likely the trending topic amongst social media, news outlets and world news in general…Coronavirus aka Covid-19.

Let’s take it from the beginning guys. This thing broke out in China…we all heard of it to some extent. Then it blew up, thousands of cases sprung out in a quick period of time. People thought the precautions as we began to see Cases in the U.S. was a joke. Like nothing bad can ever happen here.

I will share this my husband. Works in a hospital and has for nearly a decade or more. He saw the writing on the wall long before the news started advising for possible quarantine conditions. He shopped and prepped our little home for the worst scenario possible, being home unable to leave. Can I tell y’all I thought this dude Lost his shit, and then literally within days of our bulk of supplies arriving and us putting everything away, the news started sharing more and more cases, and discussions of school closures sprang out. And lo and behold, we were advised to Stay home… thank goodness my hubby didnt care that I thought he was crazy, he went ahead and prepared for our family. More so than hopefully we will need, but all useful consumable items we can use.

This panic setting in, shouldn’t make us impulse buy everything in sight. But rather plan accordingly and buy what we need not excess. Elderly and fixed income folks don’t have infinite funds and need us to not clear all the shelves. We need to take it seriously, we need to be calm, we need to be rational. We need to think beyond ourselves and remember we are ALL in this together and as such we need to think for the betterment and protection of ALL not just ourselves.

So stay kind. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay clean. And remember to think Beyond yourself. Our livelihood and communities depend on it.

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