Blessings we are Thankful for

On this day and every day, we share what we are grateful for. I have taken it upon myself to have morning reminder and review of all I am grateful for…

I am grateful for my Salvation and relationship with God.

I am grateful for my family… my parents and my brothers and sisters

I am grateful for my husband and our two beautiful daughters

I am grateful for my friends and our extended family

I am grateful for my health, and my mind

I am grateful for my church and my job

I am grateful for the air I breathe, the eyes that can see, the ears that can hear. My legs that can walk. My arms that move and embrace. For all these things and so many other things we say Thanks.

Every day is Thanksgiving

She is my joy…

You ever analyze what brings you joy?

Or notice what’s missing when you lose your joy?

Well I have had the most awkward month of my life, but I realized the big source of joy missing in my everyday life… my mom.

My mom and I have worked together for the past twelve years, we aren’t side by side, but close enough where we share basically every break. She brings laughter and silliness into my heart, that otherwise would be lacking.

I’ve been off mood wise and It dawned on me that I was missing my mom. She broke her hand and has been out of work, and I have been like a balloon losing air, so down in the dumps.

I thank God, for this beautiful source of Joy, my mom, every single day.

What’s one source of Joy for you??

It’s their thing…

So I grew up in a big family of 6 kids.

My childhood there was 5 of us, it was upon my adulthood baby #6 joined the family.

1 thing I have learned as an adult and being the oldest.

Is that Twins do their own thing, they jive to their own rhythm and sometimes without realizing exclude you from things because it is a Twin thing. Honestly I am mature enough to know that it doesn’t change my place in their lives and hearts as big sis. But I also know that when It comes down to it, they always gravitate towards each other as one could Imagine because it is who has been there from inside the womb and beyond.

I may never comprehend the feelings and emotions this brings on being a Twin, but I imagine it can be daunting at times to be someones constant. We aren’t constant fpr ourselves let alone being someone else’s constant in their separate yet intertwined lives.

So today on an emotionally weighed down morning, I am reminded yet again, it is a Twin thing.

So there you go…

Another day another dollar, another Twin moment lived.

Stay strong you Non-twins and hope you find your own bundle of intertwined love.