My Grandpa went home today…

Today started like any other day, but midway took a turn.

My grandpa went home today…to rest in peace. To live evermore painfree.

As I drove my mom to the hospice center, and her heart shattered into a million pieces, I sat there totally helpless, useless to ease her hurt.

When we got to him, he was still warm to the touch, but clearly devoid of life. His spirit long gone. His soul departed. He lay surrounded by family. Wife, daughters, brothers, sister…nieces, grankids. Love and heartbreak filled the room. Peace felt because the pain was no more. Sorrow becomes the void filler, when we realize your voice shall be no more.

Internally I felt deep sorrow to have to relay the newsto my 9yr old whom so deeply and sadly wept but a week ago over your declining health. We will miss you, your infectious laugh, your mischievous comments and most of all your fun loving personality that radiated from you from deep within.

God save your soul, rest easy now. Watch over us, enjoy heaven.

Xo abuelito xo

Hardest moments I have lived….

Today we had our youngest have a medical procedure which required general anesthesia for our 1yr old baby girl.

I thought my husband would be the strong one and hold her for it…

I guessed wrong. I recall vividly in “Steel Magnolias” the reference to men being made of steel but they cant handle these things…only we can.

I held her as she looked terrified. As she cried and fought to fall asleep. My heart crumbled as I saw her, but knowing she was going to be better was the comfort we needed that led us to this choice.

Never again do I wish to relive this. But here we are surviving

She is doing well. My heart is still recovering…

9 years in a life…

Yesterday our lives hit a milestone.

9 years since the birth of our 1st daughter.

She is superbly sweet and kind and smart and silly. Makes us proud in everything she sets to do. She is fun loving.

We took her indoor skydiving this weekend.

She wanted a day surrounded by family, so we did that too. Happily.

How did 9 years fly by so quickly.

May God bless her A.N.C.

I pray God blesses your life forever with love, happiness, joy, health and so much laughter.

We love you babes.