Navigating the World of New Motherhood…

Hey there!Mom of 2 here, sharing my own experiences with the venture to becoming a mom for the 1st time, or a 2nd (3rd/4th) time mom after some time. My girls have an 8 year gap between them, 2nd time was like a BRAND new mommyhood journey.I want to share it with you, you are not alone and this is my way to share that things get really rough. It is not all unicorns and rainbows. It isn’t always picture perfect and you will screw up royally! But it is all going to be Ok!I knew what I signed up for as I was not a 1st time momma. I worked in child care for years, seen multiple moms come and go and navigate this crazy thing called motherhood just fine.The part no one ever talks about, is how hard the transition from 1 kid to 2 really is. Your body is beat. Your brain is fried. Your older kid wants you but you are not anywhere your full capacity to give them 100%. You fear the changes to your dynamic, you wonder if this was the right choice, if this is the right time. You think you have possibly ruined kid 1’s life. You wonder if you will spend your life comparing kid 1 vs kid 2. (You wont) you’ll notice the differences between them, but nay you know not to compare.You are exhausted and friends dont show up like they did for kid 1s arrival. You live more secluded perhaps because everyone deems you fit and well equipped already to handle this transition. You want to do more, but your body isnt ready. You push you physical and mental limits, you drive yourself a bit crazy, but in time your hormones and brain power return to their normal state.Being a mom is the hardest job you ever could do and kid #2 will show you Just how tough you really are. You will see your willpower and strength grow, you will find a happy balance for all. You wont neglect kid 1 for kid 2. Somehow you will also help kod 1 find harmony and balance with new little terror kid 2. All will be well, it is but a temporary state of chaos that soon will surely find itself in someone else’s home.Until then momma you hang in there. You stay tough, or cry if you need to. And most of all know just how Kick ass you are. How incredible, beautiful, strong, and amazing you are. You have brought life into this world and because of that the circle of life lives on. You are the bearer of light, you are the impersonation of Love.So give yourself a pat on the back, sip your coffee in that messy bun and know you are rocking it out the best you can. Some days will be stellar others you barely make it by the skin of your teeth, but everywhere in between your kids are loved and cared for and that is all that really matters in the end. Xoxo

Dear Young people

Dear Young People,

If not today, when?

I write to you as an invitation to help me build a strong, fearless, fun filled, spirit led youth group. Sure there are so many other things you could be doing, but if we do not make time for God and to stregthen our Faith, how do we believe we can ever truly win. Do we want to wait until we are old, and have made a lifetime of mistakes to love with the regrets of what could have been?

Do we want to live life aimlessly and without purpose? Or do we want God to help us dig out that purpose and develop it to the best of our ability?

Do we fear perhaps this isn’t the “in” thing or the “cool” thing? Is my salvation and relationship with God not important enough for me to pursue fellowship with my peers to know that I am not walking alone?

I know we have questions, doubts, we have concerns, we have fears of the future and the unknown, but we also should know thag God is always on our side.

Youth group is and should be your safe haven where you speak on your fears, but are reassured of the things that compose a d fuel our faith. It is a place to fellowship and share the victories and challenges. It is a place to make friends and have fun. A place to explore our talents and find our gifts. A place to growth our faith and to learn how to share that faith with others. If this is something you want to enhance your life and help you learn, why aren’t you coming?

Dont let daily routines psych you out of coming, dont let feeling a bit tired stop you. Do all you can, set forth every effort you can to make it, because I have to ask…if not today then When?

To the Parents of Young people everywhere

Dear Mom & Dads of the Young people,

I come to you with a pleading heart, I am a youth leader – with barely any youth to lead. I started this journey 2 years ago. With an immense burning desire to reach out to our Young people. To connect and build a safe space for them to come together.

I have asked week after week, for your help to bring them. To encourage them to come. To be on them and push them, but our efforts have failed.

I LOVE your young people, i see their successes and I rejoice, i see their anxious faces and pray to have the Lord calm them. But also want to lend an encouraging word to help them. I desire to work with them and help them on their journey, but I do not get to see them.

I have tried to think of ideas and challenges and things to do, but without your help my efforts are fruitless.

Help me to reach them, bring them I promise to care for them as my own, but to inspire them to be good people. To share the goodness they know and have them lead by example.

Help me to lead them to their full potential. I know they are the key to the Kingdom of God growth, yet they appear inaccessible.

Lord, reach the parents, touch the hearts, lead them to bring their young people to the house of God, where they will be safe and learn about His goodness. And Help me to refresh that passion and fire for leadership and give me the kindness and wisdom required to work with young people.

In Jesus name. I declare it, i receive it.and I believe the new wave is here. New fire.