The tribe grew by one more..

Ten tiny fingers

Ten tiny toes

One little button nose

Two little eyes

A head full of cute hair

Little small. Little short.

Nonetheless a little man for all of us to fawn over and just fall head over heels.

Baby A. You had a buddy, but they wait in Heaven, but you came early, you came on strong and stealing our hearts is your number 1 task.

We love you so much already, it has been 1 week.


To my bad As$ sister…

It has been a week…

A week since it was matters of life and death with regard to you…

In every moment I have been there to witness you being the strongest and bravest person I know.

You let doctors poke and prod you like you are some kind of science project.

You allow it all for the benefit of your babies.

You have withstood difficult messages and experiences during pregnancy, you have lost a baby, you have been at risk.

I am so proud of you little sister, I thank God for you. I am amazed by your strength when you literally have nothing left, by you brave heart to do everything it takes to make sure your littles are safe. You are a preemie mommy twice over now and I think that everything you do is remarkable.

My niece and nephew have the best mommy in the world. She would literally give the clothes off her back to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Through pain and sorrow you push through because you know they need you.

I love you.