I need you…

I long for closeness

I hope for tenderness

I wish for love

I dream of being swept off my feet

I think of things we could do

I wait hopelessly for you

I sit alone

I feel left behind and unwanted

I long for support and comfort

I see the road i dreamed and yet steer away from it

I see my wish. My hope. My dream so far from me

I wait, but not much more can i take

I speak but words dont much say

Bitter sweet times

Today started off chaotic, busy, hectic, but sweet, funny, chatty, fun. On one hand husband again useless around the morning, but the sweetness and charisma of our two girls made for a better turnaround in my mind. Then work showed its ugly head by being so busy I didn’t even take my legally required lunch. I got words and errors called out and blown out of proportion. Making me feel totally inadequate to do what I do . I needed support, I needed a helping hand and instead received cold shoulder and angry responses. Had things to get done as I always do, did them all me with the girls. I am wonder if I’ve fallen into a routine and now loveless marriage. I refuse to live like people we know who can’t tolerate each other. Id rather be alone…