Journey of a lifetime

Journeys are meant to be fun explorative experiences during which we often find out things about ourselves we didn’t already know. Marriage and children is a unique journey many of us take. We all live similar experiences but the outcome can be so varied due to the different personalities which compose our family unit.

Our journey down this path began over ten years ago, but ten years ago we got married, we vowed to do til death do us part. It’s been one hell of a ride, see we were so young, we thought we ruled the world. The first couple years we struggled to find our way rhythm, then came baby. With baby we found a renewed sense of life love and commitment. She helped us evolve and grow and mature. Furthermore we had someone we both loved unequivocally. No one else could understand us but each other, making it essential for us to focus on the marriage.

Fast forward to married year 9. Find us getting news. We were expecting again. We’d spent some years trying for baby two to no avail. The year prior we’ve had a misscarriage it crushed us. Needless to say year ten brought us baby two. Our family is complete the journeys been long, but the destinations have been well worth it.


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