Well to most people its mid-week, humpday, woman crush wednesday, the begginning of the near start of the weekend….to me its a day during which I harbor much hope of closeness and intimacy with my beloved, a day I apparently expect far too much, from someone far too involved in their own cluelessness…

Week after week I harbor hopes of having moments where we rekindle the beginnings of this long relationship. 13 years is not in vain, when we are good we are great, chemistry, the know-how its there and it is strong, but these days….post baby 6 weeks out…. i long for more, and I try hard to give subtle hints, but I get nothing in return….

So…. Wednesday a day in which I continue to harbor hope, and yet have yet to find my sanctuary and attention I seek. The connection I desire, will not be here this Wednesday so until next week I suppose… enjoy your mid week pick me up ir whatever it is you call it.


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