The last few months of my pregnancy were spent feeling fairly terrible either from extreme pain in my back and legs or simply having headaches, vision issues and dizziness. So in short I spent as little time as possible making purchases inside actual stores. Most purchases made even simple things like breast feeding pads I ordered online. So now that I am remotely mobile again and regaining my independence, stores surprisingly stress me out. I feel anxious and eager to leave as quickly as possible. It is so bizarre. We visited the mall twice this week trip 1 was ok, not long, not terrible. Trip 2 I was hopeful to grab a few items after doing our acitivities, honestly i wish I could have browsed everything digitally and purchased things that way. In short I walked out empty handed. I find myself grabbing items in pharmacies and small shops to avoid the pressures of larger retailers. It is such a foreign feeling to be like this, I am hoping it is the chemical balances coming back to order, but we’re nearly a month out and it doesn’t feel any better. Doctors appointments are coming up in another week, so I will discuss these concern then. Until then keep us in good thoughts as we grow our family to our new normal.