Actions… or lack thereof

When people say I am here for you…

But their actions are less than proving of such statements. It is a painful realization that either they dont care or are completely and utterly clueless as to what being there truly means.

I am 6 weeks away from having our 2nd child and if I felt remotely supported I wouldnt be writing this right now. I am in pain great pain with need of assistance to get things done at night, and I get stared at instead of helped, ignores instead of assisted.

I am asking. Pleading and nothing.

This is not how things are supposed to be. Not a 2nd time around, not ever.

So disheartened of the weeks and months that await me, alone. Because i am alone.

The wonders of it all…

We have got a miracle and blessing to share.

We have been on the house hunt for 6 months. Trying to get everything just right to be able to buy our 1st home.

We found a home I loved and he liked a lot. Fully redone, move in ready for our little growing family. The house price was right, we just needed seller to cover some closing costs…

We looked at it and waited, then decided to go for it after seeing several duds. We saw nearly 30 to 40 houses. We lost count saw so many.

When we put an offer literally within 24hrs the man had 2 more serious contender offers. We were 1st though, and would you believe he took our offer instead of the highest and best.

Move forward to inspection day just days later, the inspector further confirmed the house was a great value, he went on and on about the great kick ass character of the home and how nicely it had been refinished. The inspection of course had a small list of items which he stated would need correcting.

Inspection list sent to the borrower, standard clauses some must do others do it or give us credit for…. would you believe God is so good, the seller without hesitation said he would fix every single one of them for us. No questions asked, no push back…jusy we will take care of it all.

I mean God is awesome. He is aligning everything for us to be just right and we are just watching in awe of it all.

May the rest of this process be smooth and under Gods control. He sent us down this journey, now we will await as he sees us through to becoming home owners!!

Just had to share because He is so so good always and always faithful.