To the times we don’t step up.

Tonight was the beginning of a great night planned.
Ended up in tragic wasteland.

All because when a small commentary from a small one, wasn’t corrected by the one who claimed he is just like his dad.

All it would’ve taken, was a few kind gentle reminding words,  that everything isn’t always perfect, but we try our best always.

Instead a cloud of doom rose and covered our shelter, and we all took our places in opposing corners. 

I left alone with my depression and sorrow.

She with her sense of guilt and wrong doing.

And he always above all, always righteous, never wrong doing, never admitting fault. Blaming innocence of the little was to blame for this agony onsought.

Every day is like a mystery, and you never know where it will end. This mystery has taken a turn to a fatal final worthless end. 

The end is upon us. A tiny straw that broke the camels back. A last and final straw that with it takes a lifetime of memories, of joys, of happy times where this nonsense doesn’t exist. A life where no one else happens to exist.

Goodbye this life we used to know, onward we go to places we never imagined we would go.

A lifetime of joy, love and bliss we hoped, but hope is for the weak minded that are unsure of when it is time to let go.


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