What you’ve been called for…

There are things in life we choose to do…

Then there are things we have been chosen for.

If you come  from a faith standpoint, you may have heard this growing in your faith….

You have a calling, something uniquely you for the greater benefit of mankind, of the cause and work you represent.

I was called at the age of 5. I had a vision as a young child, a vision I shared with my mother who at the time helped me understand…

As I grew up in this chaotic world we call earth, I started to face challenges and things that made me hide my talents and gifts from people. Not understanding that there was more I was meant to do, more I was called to work on. 

So through a few bumps in the road we ended up at Family worship church in CT. I found myself in the very place I felt I never wanted to be…but even more so I felt I belonged there.

I found my calling for extraordinary worship.

I saw the great amazing things that God can do when you open up your heart and truly worship and let go and let God.

I have had serious moments of sadness, serious moments of depression and I have with the help of God pushed through it all to render worship and mind gratitude to the Lord.

So forgive me, if I come off as uninterested when I hear people who want me to let loose, let go… I have and I have seen the Glory of God.

When we praise God he uses the things we are good at to touch the hearts of his people…we don’t need a show…we don’t need a theater…we need willing hearts, humble souls, and a willing spirit. Leaving behind my human mind, my issues, my problems and extending myself to the grace and mercy of my saviour.

So if we meet In this beautiful journey called life I hope you share your moments and joys, I hope you share advice, but I also hope you never assume I don’t do my role as worshipper simply because it is not what you expect me to do… each Church has a composure of its own style, it’s own vibe, the tone is always highlighting God…but we have our zone that helps us move past ourselves and into the presence of God. I know what works for myself, I have felt through the spirit what the people need, and I have worked really hard in God’s grace to be where I am today. Learning is part of life, but it should never be assumed that someone doesn’t know something simply because they go about it different than you would…

So i urge you friends to find your calling, find your gifts and talents, harbor them, develop them and go forth and share your gift with those in need. Everywhere we look there are people hurting, people worried, people sad…

So let’s work to bring God’s love and light into the world and show them what goodness and kindness and love they can find in Him.

We were called to restore, to reconcile man with God.