The year of Opportunity

Every year your news feed, news articles, media,  friends and family, even strangers all around inundate our lives with new year New ME. NEW EVERYTHING.

Truth is unless we decided within ourselves to try things differently or new things really there won’t be much change. So this year I don’t want a new me. I am seeking a better version of me…by taking new risks and stepping up to new challenges and opportunities. Goals for the family are to buy out 1st home.

On a more familial front we’ve been trying to have a baby since our loss, but it has not happened. If come this summer it hasn’t, we’ll focus on the home and consider fostering or adoption.

Work wise were making wise moves to try and improve our financial lives. Also making wiser decisions regarding spending and health. We both need healthier food lifestyles and have both decided to this life altering journey. With God’s grace and mercy we will achieve this and so much more.
For it is will but your Lord. Let it be your guiding light that leads us down the path of righteousness.
Hadn’t checked in on the site for a while. Lots of good family time. Even in the struggles we prevailed.
Blessings to you all

Have an amazing 2017