I would like to discuss a very important topic…

Why do women, sometimes men (but rarely) bash the happiness of others because they have yet to attain or find  theirs?

What do I mean? when you take to social media, bashing there is no good men, I thought I was happy, love doesn’t really exist, marriage is a joke….etc

No sweety… see Love is real, marriage can work, we don’t go out blaming you guys for your failed relationships, we work at ours. It  seems to carry through so many people’s statuses and updates and comments… they cannot even be genuinely happy for others because they stay commenting on something they know nothing about…

Love isn’t a high school puppy love thing…

It is a dedicated commitment to one another to put each other first, to care for, support, be there for the other person always… to be understanding, selfless, kind, patient (even when we grow tired and weak)… Love is finding ways to keep things fresh and fun, to find new ways to grow together, to do things together 

It is finding ways to be happy off the  grid…

One true tip about success is you keep your growth, changes, good things to yourself… as to keep people guessing but not hating or interfering with you… marriage/ relationships has to be the same… keep your fights to yourselves  your disagreements between you, your triumphs to yourselves. it saves 3rd party opinions and unnecessary nonsense keeping the relationship intact from others.

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Had to share, see way too much of this even with family and close friends.

Dont complain bout your man today and how he is awful then expect us to believe hes amazing tomorrow… keep it to yourself.

Preserve your genuine relationship  from the outside wworl and it may just have a chance to survive..