No job, no baby, no changes

Another day in the world….and the life of Zory.
Waited almost a year to be ready to reapply to a job, that I much deserve… to be shot down by the oddest way possible. They make choices locally, deliver news locally, but had HR in Lord knows where call in the middle of my work day to my personal phone. Which we aren’t allowed to have. 
Long story short,because i didnt bow down and suck up to the powers that be, i am being passed up. I have worked ocer the past 5 months training people for the job i did not get, doesnt seem to make sense does it?

This is but 1 in the many injustices of the world  i will take iti1n stride, but the record has been set. The motions have begun…i will not sit idly by….
On a personal note another month making it 7 now, no family growth occuring.