Dear Sister,

I have been there always, ready to guide, to support and love unconditionally.

This is something its taken me months to be able to share…

In your moment of sadness, of pain, of sorrow, of worry, i lacked words, because my heart broke right with yours. As i rejoiced with you, i too suffered your pain, doubly, because i suffered your worries, and those of my own heart. I prayed for you more than myself or my own, i relished every set of good news, and worried terribly as more news awaited. This has been your journey, i could only watch from the sidelines, but know that no matter where i was i thought of you, prayed for you,  and then came the day of rejoicing.
My heart grew a million times that day, a day which will be in your memory forever, because when you rejoice i rejoice, when you weep i weep, and when we struggle, we all feel it.

I want you to know how important you are, how much i care, how much i will always be there. 

I am blessed to have more of you, unique sensitive souls that brighten my life….

Forever your sister, forever a friend.


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