Babies, life, death and everything in between

‚ÄčI would like to share an experience i have recently lived through, that I feel women dont share…not often enough anyway.this week we confirmed our suspected fears, we lost a baby via miscarriage. We had hopes of expanding our family, we still harbor hope and believe if it is meant to be it will be. I have been experiencing a plethora of emotions… but among all of this we felt peace and harbor hope of trying again. I am fine, my family is fine and we are blessed beyond measure. If God sees it fit to bring us another member of the family we will gladly welcome it. 
So in light of so many hurtful events this week, the bottom line is that Life is more precious than we know, or sometimes even think of. Life is but a fleeting moment in whicb we can make the best of it snd enjoy each second, or we can waste it harboring hate and other raw emotions that do not contribute to the thread of human kind. Fear is driving us apart as a human race, rather than love bring us together. Fear is becoming the gateway to hate, we are not discussing it, we are turning a blind eye and the growing, its escalating, and its consuming our nation.

We fear the different, but our forefathers fought so we could all be seen the same, were backtracking rather than progressing. So please harbor hope, love, kindness, peace,  grace and mercy not fear, hate, distrust of others.