My little secret…

Not any of my family reads this blog….
So i think im safe in sharing…
Were expecting… again.
Second child… or children perhaps.
We have a high chances of multiples in our families. Praying all is well, both baby and me are healthy. Wish us well upon this new journey we revisit.

Ta-ta for now!



Yesterday i spent 5hrs in the ed. Some cramping and bleeding occurred, my pregnancy hormone was very low. We are determining if this could actually fruition. I had no issues with my 1st. Now as a 30yr old, 2nd timer, i am terrified. Feel like my body has failed me in the 1 task i asked it to do right.



2 weeks since my ed trip, it is confirmed we experienced a miscarriage. Hormone levels dropped substantially… we now await the reset of my body to be able to try again.

Hope remains.

Heart lingers in the what could’ve been, but mind knows better things to come await.


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