My little secret…

Not any of my family reads this blog….
So i think im safe in sharing…
Were expecting… again.
Second child… or children perhaps.
We have a high chances of multiples in our families. Praying all is well, both baby and me are healthy. Wish us well upon this new journey we revisit.

Ta-ta for now!



Yesterday i spent 5hrs in the ed. Some cramping and bleeding occurred, my pregnancy hormone was very low. We are determining if this could actually fruition. I had no issues with my 1st. Now as a 30yr old, 2nd timer, i am terrified. Feel like my body has failed me in the 1 task i asked it to do right.



2 weeks since my ed trip, it is confirmed we experienced a miscarriage. Hormone levels dropped substantially… we now await the reset of my body to be able to try again.

Hope remains.

Heart lingers in the what could’ve been, but mind knows better things to come await.

What is wrong with this picture…

Friends I tried to remain quiet, calm and collected as I keep reading about the Turner rape case. This is what I would like to say in letter form.

Dear Dan A. Turner (the father),

In light of the news and media capturing just about every move you all make and every word you say, I would like to take a second and reflect on the outcome of this case and what your actions mean to the rest of the society that observes.

Your son, per your standards a smart, fun loving, apparently charming young man, took advantage of and raped a woman, whom no less could fight him off as she was not in a proper state to do so.  According to you, the sexual violation of another person by your son, should  not be so harshly punished, because he has suffered enough. Excuse me sir, as I go ahead and describe what suffering enough really entails, the raped young woman, now lives with the shamd, guilt, disgust of her Own body- a body that God gave her no, to be mistreated by others,  but to be loved by her and perhaps a special someone one day. Your son and his actions and lack of respect have taken that self worth, that self love and shattered it, because when a woman (or man) is raped, their control, their strength is taken from them, some can recover but not after years and years of traumatized self hate.

It is because of Your precious Son, that this woman’s life and her families have been forever changed, forever scarred, forever tainted. Media plays a role in keeping these stories alive much longer than they should, but if your son hadnt sexually assaulted her they would have nothing to tell.

Mr. Turner, I would also like to know how yes, even a parent myself, how is it sir that you feel it just for your son to be expected to serve maybe 3 months for  Rape, and that everyone should be pleased that he did his time. In the grand scheme of things his time served, would not impact us, however it is the justice that is served that matters. A man decided to rape and simply has to serve 3 months in jail and be on parole a few years after that, yes he has to register as a sex offender, well sir he IS a sex offender, and women and everyone should be able to know your son in NOT trustworthy.

Furthermore, Mr. Turner, I would like to ask… did you ever think of yourself being in that young woman’s place, having it be your daughter that was raped, having her story told and retold and her pain and humiliation put on display for everyone to see? How would you react and feel at the sentencd the rapist received had it been your daughter who was raped. Would you still say, he received enough punishment and has suffered enough? I fear the responses you give may be a little different, perhaps you would have said a little more and found that this sentencing was a joke.

We in this society teach young men to be conquerors of their destiny while simultaneously shaming and blaming women for having the bodies of women. We have grown to have a skewed point of view until it touches our homes, our families, our friends. The truth is, women should not be damned, or blamed or shamed because they have bodies of women. That is what we are, we have curvaceous figures for the purpose of bearing children, of being supportive mothers, friends, sisters, daughters, our bodies are simply the frames that contain our unique souls. No one has the right to violate, shame, blame my body becausw of what it looks like, it is my body, my temple, just as your is your temple. We need to show our children the value of human life, respect for our physical form, and the proper context of intimate relations, when one party isnt a willing participant there should be no question of the following actions, because there should be no following actions.

Perhaps your son, is a reflection of where society went wrong, but in light of your recent public words, I fear Mr.Turner, you helped mold that mindset in your son, a mindset where he should take what he desires by force and make it his. Perhaps you should’ve clarified,  it was meant for his school work, career, not women.

In all this, I pray for the victim and her family, that they get the peace and justice they do deserve, that the Lord bring them comfort and that they can live a full and happy life beyond this. For you sir and your son, I pray that the Lord bring forth conscience, that you both see the error of your ways and learn from this. That the Lord have mercy of both of your heartless souls, and that someday we shall hear a positive turn in both your lives.

Life is what you make it…but only as long as what you make of yours isnt ripping something away from someone else.
We forged our own destiny, let us ensure that we make right choices, and right decisions to lead us down a path of righteousness and wisdom.