Finding words…

When everything else fails,
No words found to express yourself…
Something about music is so liberating…
Life wouldnt be the same without it.
The silence between words but in between melodies is amazingly complex.


Hello, let me introduce myself…



I am a thirty year old daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend.

I am a Christian woman. With hopes dreams and aspirations, working daily to remain righteous, and justified, in a world where every turn lies with mistakes and stupid choices.


I am insulin resistant, which means my size 5 perfect little body now hides in a size 14 womans body, i struggle every day to accept myself, love myself  and more importantly make good choices for me, my health, for those i love.


Im sick of being judged. Of hearing what if her husband leaves her cuz shes bigger now, you know what if he leaves because im chubbier i dont Want that in my life anyway some shallow smoky mirror love. I am grateful my husband of 8 years loves me through every phase. My body started changing long before we even married… so he embraced all of me, supports my new journey and will love me wether I stay this way or become a healthier version of me. He loves me for me, the sexy confident smart funny woman he met and fell in love with. These relationships should be meaningful valuable rewarding to be in. If it is not, well friend find a worthwhile relationship with yourself then find someone to complement you NOT complete you.


I am mom to a single child, she is perfection in my eyes. Beauty, grace, dainty, smarts, funny, creative, silly just everything i aspire to be only she has it at 6yrs old. I am so proud to be her mom, and even prouder and more excited of whom she will grow into and become.


Every day is a blessing, if we waste it on stupid things what will  we have to  show for it????

Go forth love yourself, love others, be kind, expect nothing, give your all, be optimistic, be positive, be generous, be wise, be funny, be smart, be loving. Remember to put forth all you seek in life, it will find its way to you, i promise.


I love music, i love lyrics, i love reading, i love writing… i love creative minds. They intrigue me, the way people view/imagine/create new things from.old or existing things. Its beautiful


I am crazy sexy cool fun confident sweet sour kind mean loving all these are me and so much more. Life is amazing. Enjoy it because it goes way too fast.