Love Tank…

Ever hear the concept of a Love Tank?
I read about it once, and its fairly simple..

Everyone has a love tank.
We each receive and fill that tank differently, in how we perceive and receive the love given to us.

We fill our own tank, and we fill the tanks of others… the trick however is to never let your own Tank get so low, you feel empty.

This is my struggle, I give and give and sacrifice for everyone else, but when it comes to making me feel happy and/or loved, i keep it pushed to the side until I am basically on Empty.

This then proceeds to make me angry and resentful, vengeful even.

Learn about your loved ones Love language, ensure you put something in that Tank, and never allow them to be empty.

True love sacrifices, but also understands that sometimes we ALL need a little love too.

Just a thought, make 2016 memorable.


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