Tired of being last…

Every day, wake up facing the same battles.
Trying new things, but it just doesnt matter.
Hoping for change, that never comes.
Wondering why, how, when we got here…
Asking myself, what have I done?
Do I deserve this desertion?
Do I give off the vibe of  wanting to be lonely?
I try to set time, but my time is wasted.
I try to send signs, they are ignored
The needs of others are quickly attended, meanwhile for me, not an hour more.
Deadlines, projects replaced family, quality, us time.
I keep asking, and asking for a little bit more….
Not budging, I can see how people become unloyal…
There is only so much, a person can take, being in a solo relationship, with time and effort that just do not equate.

Time is of the essence, to heal what is breaking, but it just seems to be falling apart, much more quickly than it can be mended.

Hope and Faith, can help carry throygh, but only if that hope and faith is shared, and it is not just about you.

Sadness arises
Loneliness prevails
Sleeplessness takes over
Where, peace, love and joy used to be.


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