Kindergarten update month 1

She loves kindergarten
She loves her friends
She loves activities they do, the books they read, the bus ride to and from school, she loves the teacher and her helpers.
In short, she loves school, she started a new chapter and she’s loving every second.
If only I were so brave, and bold to take life by the horns and not be fearful. It seems to me that as much as I can teach my 5 year old, she can teach me just as much about myself, life, hope, faith and love. Never have I met such a kind person as my daughter. People say the way kids grow up to be is a reflection of the parents that raise them. I must be a lucky one to have been blessed with such an amazing little person, such a kind loving fun spirited little person. So in short it’s been a month, she loves it, we’re still in the process of learning to have a school age child ready to face the world.
Be brave little one and go conquer the world…i will be here for you always.


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