A note from a Videographer’s wife

Hi, we likely never met and never will.
I feel like i know you, from clips and snipits of footage my love puts together for you…
This is a friendly note to say, please dont belittle his work, dont lowball his quotes, dont ask for cheaper rates or adjustments.
When he does videowork, he charges for his time. Time spent carefully planning shots, edit ideas, cool views and angles, his brain is taking it in, imagining your finished product.
He charges for his time, time away from Family, from home, from seeing our daughter. If your event is 15 minutes or more away, thats even more time away while he travels.
So in reality, your quote should be way more, if you accounted for 3 peoples valuable time away from one another.
Be grateful, be kind, feed him, take care of him for me, because when he is working for you, he focuses on just that.

Remember to value the talent, the worker and the shared experience.


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