Kindergarten Song

Yup, this is it. The 1st step to the next 13 years of her and our lives.

Today was orientation, she was excited and nervous. She was stirring and crazy to hop on the bus. Letting her go solo…made me feel like I shipped my baby off to outerspace all alone.

Anyone else feeling all kinds of stircrazy rollercoaster of emotiona and memories flooding in. Oh my gosh. My heart is so overwhelmed. How do people do this over and over, kid after kid. Does it ever really get easier?

We have all see the news, the tragedies, how do we become.comfortable sending our babies off to a place where we are not present. I pray often, ask Him to keep her safe at all times, this is about to explode to an imploration like no other.

What if, they dont treat her kind?
What if, she has a hard time making new friends?
What if, mid-day she misses her old school,teachers and friends?
What if, she loves it so much she doesnt turn back to say goodbye?
What if, she is so good, its her new love (id be ok with that  but id miss my baby girl)

Where did time go, why did it go so goshdarned fast? Why arent we more emotionally ready if we knew this day would come? So many questions…

Time.will tell, all I know, is she is gearing and ready to face it with a huge excited smile, and ill hold her hand until shes ready to let go.

Good luck friends. This journey is taxing, but so rewarding in the end.

Here’s to an Awesome kindergarten year!

We need a Revival

An awakening needs to come…
A renewal of the Body of Christ, the church needs refreshing,renewing, reviving.

A time has come to stand for our Beliefs, to take strong stances with our Faith.

To take hold of that which God has reserved for us, to take the things Back that have been taken. To take back claim.of the dreams, hopes, goalw we were Given.

The time has come to rise up as a body, as one nation for Christ, to teach our children, Instruct our young people to equip them to be the stronger, better generation. To take over the and mission we have been given.

We have been called to reconcile the world with God, what have we been doing? We havr grown lazy, gone astray from our purpose, our path. It is time to ignite the fire of Faith and Believing and get to work. If we do not show them, or tell them How will they Know?

How will the world see God’s love, goodness, mercy, if we do not show them? If we cant tell them, why are we walking down this journey.

He called us all, to do his work, do touch and impact the lives around us, around the world…

What have we been waiting for?