Time to discuss it…

Here we go the big talk…
The very clear evident issue at hand.
People killing people who differ from them…
People going out of their way to slander, criticize, hurt, damage others character, spirit, lifestyles, beliefs…
People we are supposed to entrust our lives to are hurting our nation, our people. People seeking to gain the nations trust down talking the hard working generations that have helped build this nation, build companies, build businesses and maintain beliefs, faith, structure…

Why are we ignoring the issues at hand, we took 10 steps forward and about 100 steps back!

People wake up, seek truth, seek justice, seek equality.

Do not be the bystander as injustices happen, speak up, act out in postive strides to show we are not weak willed broken minded or little spirited, we are intelligent, strong willed, faithful people who believe in equality for all races, genders and faiths. We are one people, we make up that which is Humanity, yet we have forgotten what it means to have basic human rights.

We forgot to stand up for what is right.

Its not about blacks or latinos. Its about us showing goodness, kindness, mercy towards one another regardless of what color the hand next to me, i should be able to hold it proudly and firmly to believe that we are Still that Nation Under God… for justice for ALL.

Law enforcement, is now God, they are also not always treated with the respect they deserve, does that entitle them to abuse their power and enforce it on innocent lives absolutely NOT!

People grow up, gain some self worth and self respect and act out wisely, intelligently to make a point and take a stand.

We can be a wonderful nation, a united nation…but first we need to stop pointing fingers and love another wholeheartedly… not just when its convenient.


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