An Ode to The One…

The young boy I met… some 10 years ago… a young man whom accidentally kissed me on our 1st meeting…
The joker who kept talking, making me laugh, until He grew in my heart, my mind, my soul…

The young man, whom I talked to for hours, who made me laugh even when I didnt want to…who held my hand, who listened, who lent me his shoulder to cry one, when other crushes went wrong… who stood by me, for me even when I didnt know…

The young love, that took me on a 1st date and pranked me…. who then waited ever so patiently for me to be ready..who took me on so many simple yet eye opening adventures.

The young man, who showed he was a man, when he proposed marriage, when he forged a home, a support system and helped me finish my schooling. To the man, who took chances to try something new, to forge a possible career, who became a hard worker throughout.

To the man, who stole my heart, gave me the desires of my heart to become a mother, who stepped up to be a better father, who is always striving to be a good son, father, husband, friend. A man who works hard even when he is tired, even when he is weak.

To the man, who has never reproached me, who has never insulted me, belittled me, to the man who has partnered with me, empowered me, supported me and helped me every step of the way for the past 10 years. To the man, whom I fell so deeply in love with, through small chatter, and silly goofy laughter.

To the man, who made all others before him disappear from my memories, and who filled my mind and heart with so many new beautiful memories. To the man who snores sometimes, steals the covers, forgets to put the laundry away, even with these silly flaws, you are every bit more than any man I could ever imagine or hope for. To the man who shared in our Faith and helps me to instruct our daughter. To the man who treats our princess like what she is royalty, and the man who loves to treat me special, to the man who made so many wishes a reality, and has shared in dreams being forged and worked for now….

To The One… who stole my heart, and I hope he never returns it. To the man whom I dreamed of for so long. I LOVE YOU. I am ever so grateful to know you, to have you, to be with you, to Love you.

May we share a forevermore…for a lifetime and then some.




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