The strange ways of the world…

Life is made up of a chain of reactions, to a chain of events which compose our characters and lifelines.

So it is always interesting to me, when you see people reply one way, but their reactions and actions contradict everything, spoken or written.

It bothers me to witness, people risking their own happiness, for the shortlived happiness of others, who would never reciprocate the selflessness.

There comes a time, in which parents need to stop creating a bubble for grown adult children, and live the lives they desire and deserve. Guarding others feelings, to protect them, while  hurting yourself or someone else in the shadows, should never be ok.

People need to realize, beauty, love, happiness all lie within the eye of the beholder…but if the beholder stops living their full potential to guard others feelings, that beauty, love, joy can be quickly lost or forgotten…

Love like crazy
Be fun and spontaneous
Be bold and genuine
Never lie
Always be loyal
Be trusthworthy
Be mindful but not overly careful
Be passionate
Be assertive and strong
Be all you Can be
Be yourself forever and always


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