Seasons of Life and Love

A week ago, I found myself in a contradictory state of emotions.
My baby graduated pre-k. My heart reveled in joy and excitement for the next chapter of her life, and yet at tge very same moment, tears with such heartfelt sadness poured down my face, as Life as we knew it was yet again changing. She is growing, developing ideas of her own, and soon enough, there will be goodbyes said to this phase that was. Beautiful memories remain. ♡

Our love story…

Turn back the clock….review our timeline together…

This weekend we celebate our love, our union, our successes together. Love and marriage require work, dedication and commitment. It isnt always roses and special dates, but its the rough days that help connect and intertwine the beautiful and great memories we create.

Roughly 10 years ago, I met this guy, he was goofy and funny, and he made a cool friend.
9 years ago he decided to ask me to be his girlfriend…and I said yes.
8 years ago, he asked me to be his wife, again… i said Yes!
7 years ago, we married, and said our I do’s
6 years ago, we found out we were expecting
5 years ago, we started the crazy journey of parenting..
Babe, we celebrate seven years married, and with each crazy turn in life, I am still ever so grateful you are my partner in life.
I love you sweetheart… forever and always ♡
Happy Anniversary weekend. Xoxo

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ To many more.

Turnings hands on a clock, cannot be undone, with each grain of sand dropping day by day, minute by minute, our love has grown pinch by pinch. Each day, each night, each moment of sadness, each squeal of delight, has made us stronger, smarter, wiser, better. It was love that got us into this mess we call life, it is by love we strive to succeed, and for love which we fight.

Not 1 life is perfect, but 1 life can bd shared by 2 in perfect chaotic harmony. To our own love song, playing to the views of our love story… forever and always, us against the world. May we be blessed to change the things we have power over, and may we be wise to understand those we cannot change.
To my rock and supporter, my husband, I loved you then, but baby oh how I love you now. To what will be, what will come together we said I do, together we will stand. Muah!!