Love, is a many splendored thing….
Or so they say.

Love is a many layered thing…
Love is…
Finding someone who when you think of them you cant help but smile…
It is finding someone who sees your flaws and embraces All of you anyway.
Someone who unconditionally standa by your side, even when you are being dumb or just flat out wrong.
Love is to be able to feel free with that person, to show the good, the bad and the ugly.
Love is accepting each other as you are, but providing the inapiration to always be better people.
Love is a friendship that flourishes with each passing day.
It is sending out I miss you’s, I Love you’s and not needing to get it back immediately but knowing its felt the other way around too.
Love is spending time together doing nothing but it means everything.
Love is finding songs that remind you of the many phases of your relationship.
Love is wanting to hold hands
Love is kisses wrapped up in warm layers of love, passion, compassion, caring and kindness.
Love is knowing what life could be like in 40 years, and laughing because of how hilarious it could be.
Love is knowing when something is wrong, without a single word being said.
Love is taking moments of your day, to think of, write to, call that special someone, just to say hello.
Love is the strength we gain, the depths we learn and the gumption it takes to expand that love into a family.
Love is seeing your mate, hold your child for the first time
Love is seeing the young hearted boys grow  into admirable men.
Love is believing each day will resolve, and at the end of the road, you still have each other.
Love is a warm embrace, just because.
Love is wanting the best for someone else…
Love is not wanting to ever hurt them on purpose.
Love is regretting hurting their feelings.
Love is being patient, when you have none left.
Love is being strong when the other is weak.
Love is bringjng Faith into your lives, and ensure to keep it there.
Love is believing in something unseen, at time not felt, and still knowing that somewhere, somehow, someone is thinking of you.
Love is enjoying the company of others but having your heart miss home.
Love is finding each other in a crowd with little effort.
Love is dancing when no one is watching.
Love is passion and emotions gone wild.
Love is wrapped up in a fleece blanket to stay warm.
Love is fleeting in terms of initial spark, but a solid foundation, rekindles that fire over and over letting it go out.
Love is a great story told, rewritten, rephrased, regenerated for geneations to come.
Love is pure  wholehearted, belly laughter.
Love is weeping openly because your heart is heavy, while the other wipes your tears.
Love is the reason we all exist.
Cherish, treasure, upkeep Love so it may last you a lifetime.
Love is respect, loyalty, honesty, patience, compassion, passion, friendship, companionship, and so many more things rolled into one.

Love is beautiful, and when well cared for even with our imperfections, can be perfect.

Things gone…never to return

The days when your eyes tire of the clarity before them, because the clarity and reality of your situation is that things you once knew are gone never to return.

People you loved, have taken turns to change in ways that make them unrecognizable.

Love once felt, now seems like a distant vague memory.

Dreams once had, now seem like silly pipe dreams.

Time you thought you had, has long gone left and your body is a tell tale sign of it all…

Time passes, love fades, life changes, people change, we change.
In the end you have what once was….
But is no.more.