Too soon

This world has become so desensitized of violence…

until it strikes home.

This week this hit home yet again for our family…

It breaks my heart to say that this past weekend we lost a beautiful young lady to an act of violence.

A beautiful young soul in the brink of living a full life, has been taken from this world.

Lord we know not your ways, but our hearts know that the sadness and void that is left by a loved one cannot be replaced or healed, but only you can provide the peace and comfort to sustain the days ahead.

Violence in any form, in this world should not be deemed acceptable, what are we teaching our kids, are we teaching them love, kindness, gentility, or are we too busy to care?

Because I cannot imagine that when you see your little 4 year old child, you can imagine them committing some crime and ending another’s life and being ok with it. Would you wish that upon your child, that another decides their fate?

We must make a point to show, teach and learn love, kindness, gentility, peace, we must instill this in our lives, so that it may radiate and touch those around us. Can we change everyone, everywhere it is unlikely, but WHAT if we made a bigger impact than they made on us.

Shouldn’t Good still conquer evil, shouldn’t Love conquer hate, and peace overcome War.

Lord let us bring forth change.


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