To love.

When you find someone special, you hold onto them, because finding someone we see as special is a very rare gift.
When you find this, you cherish it, you protect it, you guard it.
When things come Along to bring change, when you have found love, you find yourself being brave in light of impacts to your own gains. In times when the easy answer is don’t do it, but where the right answer is go for it, you find sacrificing your selfish regards and pushing for the interest of the one you love. Because in love we have to give and take, we have to learn to break our comfort zones and, we learn to be free together. Life brings decisions and often fear controls our thoughts, but sometimes courage from one of us can cover both of courageous take a leap and jump.

To my love.
I may not always be  courageous,I may be too rational,but if there is anything I’ve learned from being in love with you, its that taking chances sometimes brings us to our greatest joys and successes. You are a special person, I love and believe in you a hundred percent. Great things will come this year for us, may this be a first step

Go for it baby, everything that’s meant to be will work for good.


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