Swept away…

Once upon a time….
There lived a simple girl…
She did not live material things,
She sought out more than diamond rings.
She didn’t need gold or flashy jewels,
She didn’t need getaways at five star spots…
The only desire in her heart was to find love…
To be swept away by the goodness and the beauty that love bestows.
To find joy in the small free pleasures of life…
To be loved unlike anything she’d ever felt in her life….

To dream of being swept away in her heart… To deeply feel loved, appreciated, valued, cherished.

A dream I still dream today, when will I again be swept away.

To have someone who knows not only the bad side, but lives to bring out the good.someone to support me and push me to face myself and move to new challenges. When will I again feel swept away by love and beauty….



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