The moment

That strange moment when your mind is boggled by the lack of emotional connections in relation to a serious event…
Where the mind believes we should feel one thing but the heart could give two wafts to the wind.

A moment so solemn and scarily peaceful, where you wondered why taking this road was so difficult to begin with…

It makes one over analyze to compensate for the lack of pain. The lack of tears, fears and anxiety.

Today I put thoughts down on four sheets of paper, handed them to their recipient and peacefully walked away.

Being uncertain of the outcome, I remained awake. Alive in my mind as I ever was, unhinged and ready to move on out into a new landscape of life. Tired of the same bullshit cycles, and tired of the same results I decided to open a door and see what may come of it.

Wish me luck on my journey…
I wish you well on yours, may our paths cross again at a better place, a better time.

Some will say they knew, some will be surprised, I will be content regardless of what life decides.

That is life, those moments over the course of time.