What we need…to be wanted

In a world where we tend to lose ourselves…our way…our hearts..our minds…
Here is a simple reminder to my people working in a relationship…
If you’re not working on it…investing time…love…effort… You gave up.
The greatest need of a human being is that of being and needing to feel Wanted.

The first love phase… Is where we invest so much effort and energy but…
What happens once you got that person in your life…
You stop…you no longer make them feel wanted… You take for granted…
You void all that linked your hearts and attracted you to each other…and you stopped trying.

Do unto others as you want done to you.
You want to have someone make you feel wanted…make them feel special and wanted and start the revolution in your relationship. A positive impact that can influence and impact the outcome of your relationship.

Nothing makes you feel empty like feeling…unwanted…unimportant…insignificant.

So let’s make the change.
Let’s ignite love…passion for the people we so love in our lives…
Not just marriage/dating but every relationship needs.to feel wanted.
Let’s open our hearts to make a positive impact in their lives…

All I ever wanted…is to make you feel wanted.


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