The Struggle is real…

The struggles to be a better person…

Whenever I feel like I am just over trying and doing things, comes a shove so hard I have no choice…

but to move forward and push toward a new level of self discovery.

Finding oneself in the midst of helping others find themselves, love themselves, value and appreciate themselves is not an easy feat. It is rather a daunting task of selfless giving and listening…

Listening, and more listening, If the Lord knew what he did when he created listening, I think it is like a secret JOKE he played on us people. Listen up- It  is the hardest TASK to focus on intently. To actively listen is a skill.

To Listen and not be trying to answer, solve, fix or resolve the matter in your mind or with your words is a skill.

Meanwhile finding yourself to be in a place to bring others to a new level of self acceptance and a new level of passion and encouragement to go out and create positive impact is a task as well.

I have attained a new role, but it is not really NEW, it’s new in the sense that I actually will be DOING what I was supposed to be doing 100% of the time, if that makes any sense to anyone out there.

I find myself challenged to be lazy, and my spirit wanting heavily to be active and ready to get things done.

I find myself referring back to a book I read back in 2009-2010 Extravagant Worship, I want to be an Extravagant Worshipper, I want to render all accounts to God and let his spirit guide me, so while I embark on this journey of growth and development I invite you to join me and grow with me.

What have you wanted to do, and have not DONE out of fear, laziness, or just because you just didnt get around to it, Let’s do this together! Let’s get active spiritually and let’s see the changes come to play in our lives. Big Things are to come and I know we can be a part of that!


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