The people in the world you are given without any choosing…
The people who are pains in the neck but remain your biggest supporters…your greatest sense of pride…and at time the reason you go crazy.
Family -ohana- no one gets left behind.
No matter how we try to grow and be our own person family defines some parts of us…
For many like myself family reminds me that being strong independent is great but also to be kind loving generous humble and respectable is important. Sometimes we forget that family is our root….these are the first experiences we have with the human interaction…these are our first bonds…our first loves…our first friendships…our first fights…our first reconciliations…everything starts and ends with family. Birth and life bring you together….life drifts us apart but love illness and death ultimatew brings us back together.

Enjoy the family you were given or the family you have acquired because there is no family like yours. We grow similar but there is only one of yours. Be blessed enjoy them and grow to love them.


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