Value what you have…

Everyday we take things for granted…
We forget the value of people when we first met them… over time that value, the importance and the respect seem to dwindle Down into a comfort level in which that which we value most feels completely worthless.
This is the place in which temptation and weakness come in and ruin relationships…families…bonds.
This is the place in which the worthless feelings lead people to believe words or worth from others who may or may not truly value them for who they are. That very moment when a sweet word can sway the judgment and cloud the mind…this is the very moments in which we recall values lost. In which we recall the worth of something  or someone we have had the blessing to have all along.

Let us not get to this point. let us not fail to see the worth of priceless moments and people….
Because when we forget….someone else may remember and take the priceless beauty we  once held.


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