When your mind is battered…

There come times in our lives when the little good we see is taken from us suddenly.
These very times take us to a dark and lonely place within ourselves…
Today I sit in this dark and lonely place.
No one can keep me company because today I am bad company…
I don’t seek to talk or listen very well…what I hear is any sad dark lonely thoughts and add those to my own…
However in these times I find that it is where I soul search…
Being pushed out of my comfort zone I rise to the challenge…
I rise to the occasion and find new joys in my torments.
I know all sorrow will pass by me….
But today I need to cry…
I need to scream
I need to get myself back to a happy place.
A new happy. …a new me.
A new place…a new experience await…though I was very happy where I was…
I know God does not move one hair on our head without having a plan….
So blindly reluctantly I will have faith that all will be well….
My spirit will not be broken…
I will bring people to my level. ..because misery hath no room here….
Time of change we embrace you…please be kind because my mind has been through many challenges already and it is tired.
God my life to you I commend…please renew my strength increase my peace my wisdom…make me a reflection of your love.
Make me strong lord because right now in so tired…. mentally physically emotionally I cannot bear any more….


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