Isn’t it ironic don’t you think….

Chicks be complaining and bitching about how other chicks aka “hoes” be taking their men…
How they crept in and took what was theirs. …
Then go on a hate rampage on men….
Yet these same chicks who demand to be called ladies go out with compromised men… hence turning the exact scenario done to them onto another lady.
Look if you don’t wanna be burned then don’t play with fire.
Yes there are good men…but not those who belong to other women. Stay the hell away and stay away from rumors…
If it looks bad even if it isn’t bad…its bad in the mouths and ears of others who don’t know….
You may not care what they think but someday you will find someone who you Do care what they think and if your rep was tainted when you got there you have already lost half the battle to finding and keeping someone worthwhile…

Class it up. Shut it up. Ease up on your “friends” nights that really mean getting drunk while wearing hardly anything.
Being a Lady means being someone who leaves something to be desired more than in the sheets or on the dancefloor…
Someone intellectual…of integrity and dignity and of peace love and generosity.
Someone with kindness yet stern to her truths…someone who does not easily waiver in decisions…
A woman of conviction truth and power is a Lady.


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