Be still my heart…

As a first time mom I never envisioned the day I had to let my baby girl go into the world alone to come so quickly.
As she embarks a new journey of school, friends,  learning and enjoying new things…
I embark on a journey of worry, of nerves, of wondering will she be ok?
It is all part of this cycle of life…I comp letely understand and am aware, but everything changes when it is you and your precious child.
So today with my heart so anxious…little one I pray…
May your days be wonderfully exciting, may you make many friends, may you see the world in a fresh new view, may the world bring nothing but love and kindness back to you, may your heart be filled with gladness and may your mind be worry free as the responsibilities still rely on me.
God watch over you and cover you…and may I hear nothing but great things when I walk through that door at home.

My journey as a mom feels nearly just begun but here you go… off to school my little one.


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