C-r-A-z-Y WoRlD

In light of the most recent events at the VMA’s which I rarely ever watch in completion, I want to share my thoughts as a mom of a very young impressionable little girl. 

I judge not because she wanted to do something extravagantly “grown” in comparison to what she was introduced as, as a young Disney starlet. I grew concerned because throughout the rehearsals, idea gathering and thought process, not ONE person stood up to this young lady trying desperately to find her place, that perhaps her genius idea was really not the route she would want to ultimately take. So to those who stood by and did nothing to advise her in a better direction, shame on you, shame on America for eating this media garbage up, these people are JUST that People! They are as screwed up in the head as your next door neighbor, and are publicly humiliated as a result because of their fame. In reality if NO one watched, If NO one gave it such value, this wouldve blown over that same night, but because we have grown so accustomed to media being our dictation of how to live and how to think and how to judge, we have grown accustomed to following the trends even in what is important and “news” worthy, which is a little girl grown up grinding on some man.


Let’s get a little more tasteful and a little more intelligent and grow out of this phase of media stupidity, let these stars do just what they are meant to do entertain while on screen but living while off screen. Best of luck to our upcoming generations as my daughter grows I grow more adamant of teaching her self-worth and self love to where she won’t require this type of attention seeking ridiculousness.


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